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Purple Haze Lavender Farm is a 12 acre CERTIFIED ORGANIC LAVENDER FARM located in the Dungeness Valley of Washington's Olympic Peninsula. We are one of more than 36 growers in the valley who are cultivating this wonderful herb.

The rainshadow of the Olympic Mountains creates an ideal microclimate for growing lavender. With less than 20 inches of rain per year, our valley is like those in the Provence region of France where this aromatic herb is native. It is wonderful place to visit while you take the scenic loop around the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. Our links page will offer you a scenic palette of places to visit while on holiday.

Purple Haze Lavender Farm has incorporated the beauty and design of its lavender fields into a landscape of gardens, orchards, ponds, wetlands and buildings. The formality of our rows of purple is framed by a valley of open space, and vistas of the Olympic Mountains. Lavender thrives here because it enjoys the indigenous microclimate: low rainfall, mild winters, and a broad valley with open exposure.

Our success as a business is deeply rooted in our commitment to preserving the agricultural heritage of the Dungeness Valley. We believe our farm should celebrate all that the acreage can provide: a sustainable perennial crop of organic flowers, a working farm that harvests the lavender by hand, distilling it into oils, hanging it in bundles to dry,and creating value added products from the essential oils and sachet. We are a tourist destination that gives the visitor a connection to America's agricultural roots, a sight for learning and celebration, and a connection to the world via the internet that allows us to gain and share information on the agriculture of this herb.

Our lavender fields contain more than 15,000 plants of more than 50 varieties. The rows of lavender when blooming vary from white and pink to shades of violet and deep purple. Our test gardens have varieties of English, French, Spanish lavenders as we are always looking for the perfect lavender for its many uses: aromatherapy, perfumery, culinary, floral, and landscaping.

When you visit Purple Haze, you are invited to wander the fields, enjoy the beauty of this sweet smelling herb, pick your own bouquet of flowers, picnic on the lawns, and experience all the flavors, fragrances and healing skin care qualities of this purple flower. We are open starting in April a few days a week and then everyday from May-Labor Day in September. Please make our farm part of your visit to the NW part of Washington State.

If you can't visit the farm in person, please take a journey through our photo tour.


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The Gift Shop at our farm is now closed for the winter season.......please feel
free to wander around the farm though and then visit is us in downtown Sequim at
127 W Washington Street where are store is open year round!

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